Cleaning  and  Maintenance


Your  new furniture  will  need  carefully  maintaining  to  keep  your  furniture  looking  fresh.


Our  products  are  finished  with  a  hard  wax  oil  coating,  this  has  a  few  benefits  over  a  typical  polyurethane varnish.  A  hard  wax  oil  permeates  the  wood  and  acts  as  a  barrier  against  stains  and  moisture.  Yet,  the  cells of  the  wood  are  not  closed  off,  so  are  allowed  to  breathe, which prevents  mold  and  warping.  These  finishes are  also  more  water  resistant  than  polyurethane-finished  floors  because  they  more  readily  allow  for expansion  and  contraction.



They  can  be  easily  cleaned  with  a  cloth  soaked  in  warm  water,  avoid  using  harsh  detergents  or  bleach  as this  can  damage  the  coating. If  the  surface  is  really  dirty,  using  a  specialised  cleaner  than  is  designed  to  work  with  the  coating  is recommended.  We  recommend  ‘Fiddes  Wood  Surface  Cleaner’.




If  no  damage  has  been  caused,  an  annual  recoating  of  the  surface  will  keep  your  furniture  protected  and looking  fresh.  We  recommend  using  ‘Fiddes  Hard  Wax  Oil’. The  beauty  of  wax  oil  finishes  is  they  can  be  spot-repaired  with  just  a  light  sanding  of  the  affected  area with  a  grit  of  between  180  and  250,  followed  by  a  topical  coat  of  oil. It  is  not  necessary  to  re -finish  the  entire  top. 

Unable to find exactly what you are looking for? No worries! You can send us over a description, a sketch or even just a photo of the space and we'll get back to you with a design and quote!

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