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FocusFive Designs

Hi, I'm Jake a 26 year old designer, maker and founder of FocusFive Designs. ​

We build pieces that preserve the characterful attributes of the timber, creating a bespoke and original product.

Our products are all hand crafted in our Cheshire workshop, using care and attention to detail. We work directly with you to turn a vision into reality, providing sample packs, drawings and renderings to create exactly what you envisage.

We only use quality sustainable timbers in our products, taking care to preserve their authentic character and imperfections throughout the production process.

Steel fabrication is done in house and built to withstand anything you can throw at it.

Built for you. Built to last.

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Where it all started..

I'm Jake, a 26 year old designer and engineer from Cheshire. From a young age I had a passion for working on classic cars, building things, and generally getting my hands dirty.

When I was in college I bought a classic VW bug and set about fully restoring it, spending plenty of late nights getting it back to its former glory.

I went on to work in the railway industry as an apprentice. Honing my electrical skills by working on location cases for level crossings, relay refurbishment and wiring plug couplers. 

As a family of petrol-heads, we always had parts laying around the garage gathering dust. I started to get ideas of what other purposes they could have, drawing up designs, firing up the welder and seeing what I could make of them.

​​Some of my first projects were a dining table made from the leaf springs of a ‘69 Hillman Hunter, a copper whisky dispenser and connecting rod book ends!

My van was a diesel Renault Clio, that was so good on fuel it basically ran on fresh air! I collated a small collection of tools - borrowing what I didn't have.

I put together about 10 different designs and managed to get a last minute place at the annual Arley Hall Simply Cheshire Show. The response I got from everybody was unbelievable, and so in Spring of 2017, I started FocusFive Designs.